Barry Schwabsky and “The Divine Joke” on TWO COATS OF PAINT

Contributed by Sharon Butler

"Poet and art critic Barry Schwabsky curated a group show, on view at Anita Rogers through June 2, in the spirit of a Mina Loy essay in The Blind Man, a 1917 Dada journal of essays and poetry produced by Marcel Duchamp, Beatrice Wood and Henri-Pierre Roché. In the short piece Schwabsky references, Loy writes that art is akin to “The Divine Joke,” something that the public could easily understand and enjoy. I think her implication was that certain art movements, such as Futurism, were too dense and rarefied to capture the public’s imagination, but that  overt humor and irreverence could better entice ordinary people to engage with the visual presentation. In Schwabsky’s group show, titled “The Divine Joke,” he attempts to gather work that pulls off the same trick".... READ MORE on the blog.