"Connections" Online-Only Exhibition at Shrine NYC Shop
Hayley Barker
Hawkins Bolden
Casey Cook
Marina Kappos
Nate Plotkin
Yves Tessier

In the current climate, connections are more important than ever. We are all in quarantine seeking to distance ourselves from the outside world, home with family or friends, or completely on our own, for the safety of others and ourselves. How we interact and connect with the world, ourselves and each other during this strange moment will alter everything that follows. We will wear ourselves differently once things feels safe again, and we will hopefully have an expanded consciousness and sense of empathy for everyone and everything around us.

Connections, the gallery’s first-ever online-only exhibition, explores issues ranging from intimacy, isolation, the power of touch, our relationship to nature and how we communicate. Hayley Barker’s dreamy oil paintings evoke the beauty and solace that can be found on your own and also the remarkable beauty of something as simple as a front yard path. Hawkins Bolden (1914–2005), who went blind as a young boy, created haunting scarecrows with discarded objects found around his neighborhood and relied only on his sense of touch to create their forms. Casey Cook shows us that vulnerability and power are not always exclusive– her paintings twist mundane moments into hypnotic, surreal scenes and depict sensual encounters with the natural world. In Marina Kappos new series of paintings and studies called “Vibrating Women”, her painted protagonists are coming apart and vibrating out into the universe and psychological space of others. Nate Plotkin creates worlds that reference our everyday existence, yet still feel highly charged and somehow otherworldly, highlighting singular moments of retrospection. And Yves Tessier explores the dynamics of interactions between people of all colors and backgrounds, always with an uncanny sense of humor and an acute eye for the small details that make life so entertaining.

As businesses (and individuals) around the globe seek to adjust and reinvent overnight, SHRINE is launching a new e-commerce SHOP (shop-shrine.nyc) to host a series of online-only exhibitions and offer merchandise including skateboards, tote bags and clothing. Sales generated from these virtual exhibitions will help keep artists in quarantine afloat during this difficult time and also benefit a gallery, that like so many others, is unable to open its doors for the foreseeable future.