Conscious Collaboration with Spirit, SOIL Gallery, Seattle

SOIL Gallery

112 3rd Ave S. Seattle, WA

March 5-March 28, 2020


March 5, 6:00-8:00 pm Opening Thursday,

March 15, 1:00-2:00 pm Artist Talk Sunday,

March 15, 2:30-4:30 pm Intro to Conscious Collaboration with Spirit workshop Sunday, , $50, class limit 12-email me to register

March 21, 2:00pm Collaborative dance performance by dancer/choreographer Michelle Boule

Artists: Hayley Barker, Emily Counts, Sara Long, Jean Nagai, Leah Nguyen, Nicholas Nyland, Elizabeth Traina

Curator: Leah Nguyen

Conscious Collaboration with Spirit exhibits the work of 7 artists that are working in collaboration with spirit to expand the conversation around these practices and understanding of the spectrum of methods that are used to connect, communicate, and receive information, and how these processes change their work.

The artists in this show use a few different methods of connecting with spirit, Nyland uses a method that is familiar to many artists, sensing when his work has a life and consciousness of its own, and being tuned and responsive to this presence. Long spends time alone in nature, being quiet, letting herself be still and bored until she is sensitive enough to notice the communications of plants, stones, and alien beings. Then in her studio she records the imprints these have left on her emotions. Counts asks her soul what to focus on in her ceramic works, through each step of drawing, sculpting, and glazing. Nagai uses meditative, half-waking, between-reality states to create paintings to connect us to the universal. Barker began her collaboration with spirit as a witch, each brushstroke a word in a spell. Her work now uses prayer: her morning beddrawings setting the intentions for the day and the paintings to come. Traina’s collaboration is inquiry-based she both asks for assistance from spirit and studies broadly, letting what she learns deepen her understanding and help form the geometries and color choices that create the portals she paints. Each painting is accompanied by words she receives that instruct the viewer on how to access the portal’s purpose. Nguyen, an artist-healer, uses energy testing and a complex question matrix, as well as dance, song, and intuition to talk with her spirit team and find every aspect of her paintings and the accompanying healing work.