"Artists Make Good Theologians", By Sarah Sentilles, in Harvard Divinity Bulletin

In the new edition of The Harvard Divinity Bulletin, you will find Sarah Sentilles' review of "Apparition Hill" and Mary Szybist's book of poetry, Incarnadine. This article is based on a conversation we had back in May 2014 in the gallery.  An excerpt:

While Barker and Szybist talked about their creative practices, about “repurposing traditions” rather than abandoning them, I couldn’t help but think of the iconoclasts, who aimed their hammers at the parts of the sculptures that mattered most—their open eyes and their noses. Vision and breath. They didn’t destroy the statues. They didn’t leave them unrecognizable. They simply made them incomplete, broken, missing something essential, and the holes, the emptiness, made sure no viewer would forget they were artifice, constructed, lest people get confused, lest people think the painting of the saint is the saint herself...."