New Paintings, Bozo Mag at Abode, Opens Sunday 7/16/17 5-8pm

Bozo Mag is pleased to announce, “New Paintings”
by Hayley Barker at Abode. 

These are the faces of spirits and guides, goddesses, and sometimes versions of myself, disembodied, that I meet when I journey. When I meet someone new in shamanic meditation I try to feel them, their energy. I try to discern their faces, and features, but oftentimes am left with little more than a shifting impression of their facial sphere. I may be listening to one speak for a long time, but barely be able to see their face. I feel I know them, even though I cannot fully see them. They are felt, known through not seeing. 
Each one tests my ability to discern subtle energies. 
When I am scared I tend to want to leave my body, but these guides are teaching me to stay in my body, even when
I cannot see the being right in front of me.

This exhibition will be on view from Sunday, July 16th, until Sunday, August 27th.

An opening reception will be held on Sunday from 5pm to 8pm at 840 North Wilton Place.

Opening hours will proceed on every Sunday, from 12pm to 5pm, until Sunday, August 27th.
840 North Wilton Place, Los Angeles, CA 90038 • 310 773 8287 for more info