Sunday September 9th, 2018 12 PM - 8:00 PM
Viewing art in traditional and formal settings can be an alienating experience and physically unaccommodating, however, for many of us, art is a tonic, a soma, or even an analgesic... that calls for a more tangible and comfortable viewing experience.
AN ART DEN breaks down conventional systems of art viewing and invites visitors to sit comfortably on a pillowed floor and sift through works by over 100 artists. Works may be leafed through, held, shared and passed around to other attendees - not unlike an Opium Den or Hooka Lounge.
This direct and communal viewing experience opens up exciting possibilities of chance operation and conversation about the work that will hopefully be both deep and expansive.
All of the works will be for sale and affordably priced - ranging from $20 to $900 (with an average price of $150). Purchased works will be available to take home.
Soothing sounds and served tea will add to a relaxing art viewing ambiance. *this is a one-day event only, not to be missed!
*And A selection of young people's work,
curated by Max Oppenheimer of MEATGRINDER LA
For more information please contact ​odd.ark.la@gmail.com ____________________________________________________________________________ ODD ARK • LA
7101 North Figueroa Street Unit E Los Angeles CA 90042 (323) 600-5768